rain-shootMy phone buzzed. It was Rob Theodorow, long-time creative collaborator and owner of Stormfront Productions, a web development company in Indiana.

“Can you be here Thursday for a photo shoot?” he asked. “It’s for our website. You’re part of the team.”

Though it was late on Tuesday and I was 1,250 miles away, I replied, “Maybe…”

Encouraged, Rob continued. “We’re rebranding….a water theme…you know, a play on Stormfront…we’ve got a warehouse lined up, a ladder, a fire hose. Everyone’s dressing up. It’s going to be cool!”

10367719_10152409520542960_1166898902048000095_n copyWater? Fire hose? Virtual storm? Well, it made sense. I considered the opportunity to be photographed under a torrent of water in a dark warehouse in the name of business development. You see, Rob and my firm, Lux Strategic Communications, have partnered on well over 50 websites; I’m words, he’s pictures and programming. We have many more websites in our shared future. To be featured on the Stormfront website as one of the team, albeit soaking wet, seemed like a smart move.

SFPI checked my calendar. Damn! Booked on Thursday. Reluctantly, I told Rob no go to the shoot.

Then it hit me! I could engage my favorite Santa Fe photographer, Jennifer Esperanza, to recreate the scene closer to home. I sent her a sample image. Her response? Of course she could replicate it! All we’d need to do was find a car wash, drape it with black plastic, get someone to get me soaking wet and keep spraying, and she’d do what she does best. Click!

Hmm, that might work. Then I thought, “It’s the middle of November. It’s freaking cold out!”

10151416_10152399540727960_7916581697611695047_n copyNow I love Jennifer (a supremely talented photographer) and I adore Rob (incredible custom web developer) and I am all about self promotion (I’ve got habits to support), but I decided to sit the photo shoot out. While I’ll do many things in the line of duty (read new business development), this shoot left me, well, cold.

When I saw the Stormfront photos, I had to agree they were awesome. Everyone was wet, smiling and memorable. Still, I think I’ll suggest to Rob that he hold his next Stormfront photo shoot on a beach in the sun. I could do that. And I am sure Jennifer would be happy to shoot it, too.