shutterstock_113506036So what do you do when your largest client decides to gut the marketing budget due to declining sales (even though this is the last thing one should do?) leaving you with a major void in the receivables column?

Well if you’re me, you  immediately get out and start beating the bushes for business. Or as a New Mexican friend of mine says, you start kissing hands and shaking babies.

Maybe not literally, but close to it. Case in point, I am on a 3,600-mile odyssey of potential client discovery, accompanied only by my trusty sidekick Charlotte. The goal is to identify opportunities by buying lunches, planting seeds, subtle boasting of extensive experience (that’s what three decades will get you!), and making sure folks know me, my team and our talents are available.

One lunch down, several to go. A trip to a candy manufacturer who needs marketing help is in the offing (and right up my alley). A day of work at a strategic partner’s office is on for tomorrow. And then a HUGE press conference on Thursday. Plus endless miles of driving and trying to avoid candy and junk food. (I broke a tooth on a jawbreaker, while driving through Oklahoma, a good reason to give up candy and junk.)

All the while, I will be smiling, saying the right things and hopefully bringing home the bacon. Oh yeah, and kissing hands and shaking babies.