LAS VEGAS, Nev., March 5, 2014 – – MyCommunity Mobile, a leading developer of city-specific mobile apps has launched a new website with the help of its marketing partner Lux + Associates. The startup company currently has about 30 cities in its client portfolio and seeks to quadruple its clients by the end of 2014.


The new scrollable website enables visitors to quickly navigate the website and gain a clear understanding of the company’s product offering without a tremendous amount of effort. The site, though simple, is powerful. Highlights include an interactive portfolio of cities and an opportunity to sign-up for a free demo. The site will be expanded in the future to include new service offerings such as website and custom app development.

“This was a great project as we took an existing website that was under-performing and transformed it into a simple, but effective sales tool for MyCommunity Mobile. The sales team can now direct prospects to the website with a high degree of confidence that people will get the details they need to commit to a demo and ultimately to a city-specific app,” said Melanie Lux, president of Lux + Associates.