ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., November 15, 2013 – – New Mexico-based pharmaceutical company Zocere, Inc. has named Lux + Associates as its agency of record. Zocere is developing what could be the first ever injectable neuroprotectant drug for the treatment of ischemic stroke and other traumatic brain injury such as concussion.


As Zocere’s agency, Lux is responsible for branding, website development and maintenance, strategic messaging, public relations, and social media. Because Zocere is a start-up company, Lux will focus on positioning the company and its stroke technology for investors and clinical partnerships.

Melanie Lux, president of Lux + Associates, said that startup companies like Zocere have special marketing communications requirements. “Startups have to project a professional image, they have to clearly define the value proposition of their company and/or technology, and break through the noise and establish relevance to the investor community. And they have to do this in a cost effective way. We are excited to help Zocere get out of the gate quickly with effective branding and messaging so they can secure the investment necessary to bring this exciting and potentially life-saving drug to market.”