There’s way too much noise. Online. On air. In person. You have money to raise. Products to sell. Clients to attract. You have to connect. With your message. Your media. Your strategy. With Lux.

We’re a strategic communications firm that’s been helping clients create impact since 1994.

That impact comes in many forms. For a New Mexico-based start-up company dedicated to producing drugs in China, it was creating the company’s branding and messaging, scheduling speaking engagements at high-level industry conferences, placing articles in leading trade journals, and managing its world-wide launch. In less than two years, PaizaBio is the recognized expert on China’s pharmaceutical industry and raising $100 million for a new plant. (We’re almost there!) For Thrive Ice Cream, a novel, nutritional product, it’s creating and managing its web and social presence and helping them break into the healthcare, sports nutrition and retail sectors. For the South Carolina Hospital Association, it was a communications strategy that helped pass legislation by unanimous vote to save the state’s trauma system. For Indiana-based VisionTech Partners, it was a total rebranding, messaging, and PR that helped the private investment group become one of the Midwest’s top angel investing organizations.

We work as a trusted partner, providing insight and counsel to clients who value our experience, our broad knowledge and connections, our innovative thinking and the results we achieve.

Lux is also founder Melanie Lux (Yes, that’s me in the boots.) who serves as chief strategist, creative director, client liaison, and the business development contact. (You’ll want to make a note of that.) I’ve been fortunate to work with clients virtually around the world and in many diverse industries. I’m passionate about what I do for and with clients. I’ve built a team of talented creatives and together we develop and execute complete strategies, websites, videos and TV ads, PR and social media campaigns, and much more.

Oh, I’m also the one with way too many cowboy boots, an assortment of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and lots of frequent flier miles. Sure, we live and work in a virtual world. But isn’t it better to roll up our sleeves and get to work in person?

Celebrating 24 years in business!


One room over the garage. Several offices. Three states. Many, many great clients. Wonderful employees and creative colleagues. Big ideas and results. All crammed into 24 years. So are we celebrating more than two successful decades as Lux + Associates? You bet we are! Let’s get together for some cake. Or some champagne. Soon!

“We’re launching a contract drug manufacturing company in China. Lux worked closely with us to create our brand identity, website, videos, global tradeshow support, press releases, and social media. Lux has provided a solid marketing infrastructure and succeeded in establishing PaizaBio as a global thought leader on China’s complex drug market. It was a major task and Lux managed it handily.”



Stuart Rose, CEO & Founder, PaizaBio, Albuquerque, NM
Testimonial 1

Everyone has a specialty, right? Ours is helping clients we’re passionate about change the world for the better through strategies that are on target and on message. That has taken us down some interesting paths – we helped a global packaging company revolutionize coffee packaging and are currently working with a pharma startup to bring a life-saving stroke drug to market. Here are the industries where we focus our efforts. If you don’t fall into one of these categories, no worries. New paths are good. Let’s talk.

Health Care

The healthcare industry is complex. Our experience is deep; we’ve worked with hospitals and physician practices, medical schools, hospital associations, health insurance companies, and consultants. Our knowledge and insight is a real asset to clients. More

Innovation / Technology

Innovation drives business, whether it’s a new high tech material, a new package, a new app, and new approach to data collection/aggregation. We help clients bring breakthrough technologies to the world. More

Startup Companies

We love the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, startup companies and investors. The energy and “possibility thinking” are highly motivating. We work with startups on branding, optimizing their value proposition and positioning for funding. More


We don’t limit who we work with and as a result, we’ve worked with some great organizations like adidas/NuMetrex, Sonoco, the South Carolina Bar, insurance companies, CPA firms, arts organizations, resorts, and… More

When it was time to re-brand our investment firm, I remembered working with Lux on a project several years back and liking their work, so I asked for a proposal. Creating a new brand identity and website is personal, particularly for a small company. I was very pleased at how collaborative the process was and the willingness of the Lux team to incorporate our ideas. I am even more pleased with the finished work and our ongoing relationship with the Lux team.

Oscar Moralez, Managing Director, VisionTech Partners, LLC, Indianapolis, IN
Testimonial 2

Lux is a “get it done” firm.

What we do is driven by client needs. Truth is, one size does not fit all. Nor is there a silver bullet. We take time to get to know you, your business, and your goals and objectives. We’re good listeners and even better about ferreting out competitive information. We then put what we learn to work creating an integrated marketing communications approach that’s compelling, connects with the audience and maximizes impact.

Our services include:

  • Branding
  • Strategic Development
  • e-Marketing
  • Key Messaging
  • Internal Communications
  • Issues Communications
  • Print Collateral/Annual Reports
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Management/Content Creation
  • Trade Show Support
  • Video Production
  • Website Development

Lux has had our account for eight years, with phenomenal results! Community perception of our hospital is very positive. Lux develops an annual plan for marketing and produces our television, billboard, point-of-sale, newsletters and ads, as well as managing our social media posts and advertising. The consistent, integrated approach gets results!

Brenda Williams, Marketing Director, Newberry Hospital
Testimonial 3

Some of Our Recent Favorites

Health Care

Innovation / Technology

Startup Companies


Lux + Associates created our website in 2012 and our 2013 and 2014 annual reports. They demonstrated keen insight in positioning the SmartState Program for greater engagement from businesses, potential investors, researchers, and the general public. Lux knows how to make complicated subject matter relevant to the many different audiences we try to reach.

Regan Voit, Chair, Review Board, South Carolina SmartState Program, Columbia, SC
Testimonial 4

September 16, 2018
The Necessity of Medical Tourism for Self-Employed Professionals

In less than a week, I will be boarding a plane bound for the Grand Cayman Islands. Sound great? Yeah, but it’s not what you think. While I’m visiting one of the Caribbean’s most glorious islands known for… MORE

February 17, 2015
In the Line of Duty – Or Not

My phone buzzed. It was Rob Theodorow, long-time creative collaborator and owner of Stormfront Productions, a web development company in Indiana. “Can you be here Thursday for a photo shoot?” he asked. “It’s for our website. You’re part… MORE

February 8, 2015
These Boots Are Made for Branding

Before my colleague and I even stepped into the CEO’s office, the guy was at the door asking, “Where are the boots? I want to see the boots! He’d been to my website. And thus began a new… MORE

February 3, 2015
The Daily Field Trip

I have always considered my 20 years as a self-employed marketer and branding expert as one big field trip. Working with clients in health care, packaging, law, insurance, steel fabrication, curated sex toys (really) and more has made… MORE

Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies

January 26, 2015
Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies

So what do you do when your largest client decides to gut the marketing budget due to declining sales (even though this is the last thing one should do?) leaving you with a major void in the receivables… MORE

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Have a business or group that wants to learn more about communicating and connecting more effectively? Lux offers workshops on the following topics:

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  • Media Relations
  • Social Media – From the Basics of Facebook to Expanding Your Social Media Footprint
  • Speaker Training
  • Website 101: Creating an Effective “Mothership”

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We enjoy working with Lux. Melanie is always available to talk through an issue or flesh out a creative idea. She’s one of the team. That’s really important to a startup company like Zocere.

Wayne Laslie, CEO, Zocere, Inc., Albuquerque, NM
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